Modular Hydraulic Jacking System

Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift is a leader in providing innovative solutions to lift and shift tasks. It is recognised that traditional methods may not be the most efficient in certain situations and alternative approaches may be required to achieve the desired result. 

One of the alternative methods available is the 1,100t capacity Modular Hydraulic Jacking System (MHJS). This system is the latest technology in gantry lifters and offers the following features;

  • 1,100t maximum capacity
  • Up to 400t to a lift height of approx. 12m
  • Powered side shifters for maximum placement accuracy
  • Fail safe hydraulic systems
  • Fully automated electronic control systems with load read outs
  • Supreme level adjustment and automatic compensation
  • Half day setup for most jobs
Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift can also offer jacking and skidding solutions with capacity in excess of 1,000t.

To find out more about Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift's Modular Hydraulic Jacking System and its lifting capacities, please contact your nearest branch.


Model Description Files
Hydrospex SBL1100; 1,100 tonne hydraulic gantry system Load Chart ( 2.38 MB PDF )
Modular Hydraulic Jacking System
Modular Hydraulic Jacking System