Casabene Group stands by Tutt Bryant Equipment

March 30, 2015 - 9:04am

The Casabene Group was by founded by Michael Casabene 40 years ago establishing Casabene Drainage, which now has successfully grown into the Casabene Group of Companies. Today, the original Drainage business is still operational and is owned & operated by son Pip Casabene, supported by Marty Vaina and Reg Lumani.

In 1994, after using backhoes and mini excavators to complete drainage works, Pip decided to branch out and purchase a larger excavator for hire to contractors. Following many years of service to the Drainage industry, the Casabene Drainage division diversified moving into larger excavation projects. The purchase of a Sumitomo excavator from Tutt Bryant Equipment proved a great success acting as a launching pad with the Casabene Group experiencing significant year by year growth. The Group now own and operate in excess of 100 pieces of equipment supported by their associated staff and operators.

The relationship between Casabene Group and Tutt Bryant Equipment is a strong one, dating back many years fostered on excellent customer relations with quality products and after sales support. Pip Casabene, Managing Director for Casabene Group commented “…I have personally dealt with Tutt Bryant Equipment over the past 20 years and can say that their Sales and Support Team have provided good customer relations, high quality products and on time after sales care. As long as these factors continue, we can’t complain….” Casabene Group prefers to maintain product uniformity, which can only be achieved by way of the product performing to and above the owner’s expectation. Pip explained “…We try and keep the product uniform within the company, so we have many of the same models for which we have had a good history of wear-and-tear with minimal downtime being experienced. TBE’s pricing has been very competitive and we feel that the product is better than the oppositions...”  To date Casabene Group have purchased a significant quantity of equipment from Tutt Bryant Equipment for use in their drainage and excavation operations.

Typically, their choice on Yanmar and Sumitomo Excavators is a smart one. Yanmar offer market leading mini excavators and are the original innovators of the Zero Swing Technology. They have an extensive range of excavators ideally suited for smaller spaces such as the drainage division of the Casabene Group operate within. The Sumitomo range offers larger units with bigger lifting capacities and a rugged design to withstand harsh workplace operations. Sam Scata, the Victorian State Manager of Tutt Bryant Equipment states “...We are extremely pleased to have built a long standing relationship with Pip, Marty and Reg of the Casabene Group. We were confident from the first day of introducing the range of Excavators offered through Yanmar and Sumitomo. From 1.0 Tonne to 50.0 Tonne, the range provides reliability, durability, fuel savings and fantastic operator comfort, well maintained by our Product Support team at highly competitive prices…”

For more information on the complete product range, contact your nearest Tutt Bryant Equipment branch on 1300 658 888 
Sumitomo and Yanmar excavator’s purchased by Casabene
Sumitomo and Yanmar excavator’s purchased by Casabene