Grove GMK6300L: The Class Leader

October 28, 2016 - 8:24am

We have recently added to our crane fleet with the addition of two GMK6300L 300 tonne All Terrain cranes. A genuine leader in this class of crane, the GMK6300L has an unprecedented seven-section 80m boom as the standout amongst it’s host of features, the only in its weight range with that length providing more flexibility to meet client’s needs.

The Grove GMK6300L All-Terrain crane offers some of the strongest lifting abilities of any six-axle all-terrain crane. It provides exceptional power when lifting at tall heights and the seven-section main boom is designed for strong lifts without the need to rig the jib. A choice of five outrigger positions, more than any other crane in its capacity class, offers ultimate flexibility.

On the move, the GMK6300L is a smooth runner with its fully automatic transmission with torque converter. The Allison transmission is a strong and reliable performer in the toughest of conditions. It features an electronic control system that allows it to adapt to the changing environment and provide selfdiagnostics for easier maintenance.

When combined with the patented Megatrak independent suspension system, the GMK6300L has optimum travel both on- and offroad. As with its predecessors, the GMK6300L features a new carrier cab, a design introduction that first started with the latest generation of four-axle and five-axle cranes. With the step up in size to the GMK6300L, the cab has been adjusted to a wider design to accommodate the larger chassis on the six-axle machine. The spacious layout of the cab means it can comfortably seat three crew members, while its ergonomic layout of instruments and controls makes traveling swift and easy.
A different perspective on the 6300L
A different perspective on the 6300L