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Tutt Bryant Imported Sany First Electric Crawler Crane

First Electric Sany Arrives in Australia imported by Tutt Bryant

Tutt Bryant imported Sany first electric crawler crane SCE800TB-EV as a ground-breaking move, to expand its portfolio of products and services, in order to align with community expectations in decarbonising Australia’s economy. 


Tutt Bryant Beyond Zero

Tutt Bryant Beyond Zero program aims to leverage off the research and development work of its global partners and suppliers, including Sany, to bring to the market innovative and sustainable solutions from overseas, along with those that are developed locally using in-house capabilities.

Tutt Bryant is in discussions with a number of parties interested in taking on this new fully battery-powered electric crane. Whilst not yet finalised, the Sany SCE800TB-EV is expected to be deployed within the metro area of a capital city, likely to be working on one of the many infrastructure projects currently underway along the East Coast of Australia.

Both the convenience and versatility of a hydraulic telescopic boom crawler crane have been proven time and again on urban worksites where space comes at a premium. Running on a Danfoss electric motor that is rated at 206kW of power and 1310Nm of torque, the SCE800TB-EV enables silent and emissions-free operation when compared to a traditional crane with a diesel engine. These are significant advantages when working in confined spaces such as tunnels and where neighbouring residents and businesses can potentially be affected by noise and emissions.


Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

The Sany SCE800TB-EV reflects Tutt Bryant’s and Sany’s commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. As a responsible, visionary and aspiring global enterprise, Sany supports the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In all decision-making processes, Sany takes global trends and challenges, international norms of responsible business behaviour and stakeholder’s expectations into consideration.

Against the backdrop of a low-carbon future featuring a carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality, Sany is now leading the wave of electrification in responding to the call for an electrical era that is widely echoed across the industry.

Sany has launched more than 30 new energy products, covering three major energy supplement routes of pure electricity, electricity exchange and hydrogen fuel.

Sany Renewable Energy explores the low-carbon development of the manufacturing industry through developing intelligent, renewable-energy products including wind power products and photovoltaic power plants.


Australia’s Decarbonisation Journey

Tutt Bryant Beyond Zero program was recently launched in recognition of the role it can play in Australia’s decarbonisation journey. Tutt Bryant has identified in particular the internationally diverse expertise that can be accessed through its spectrum of partners and suppliers globally.

In addition to leveraging off the technical advances and innovations from overseas, Tutt Bryant Beyond Zero program also seeks to build out its in-house capabilities as part of efforts to develop local skills and capacity in advanced manufacturing and services.


Sany Renewable Energy

Sany puts research and development at the core of what it does, seeking out new and better ways to design and manufacture its products. In line with Industry 4.0, Sany is committed to developing intelligent manufacturing that links people, technology and adaptation to grow productivity and efficiency.

By investing between five to seven per cent of annual sales revenue in R&D each year, Sany constantly looks for ways to build smarter machines, reduce its impact on the environment and increase sustainable performance. The continuous investment in its manufacturing process is demonstrated by the rollout of its lighthouse factories – which are known as the most advanced facilities in the world with advanced automation, human-machine collaboration, AI, machine learning and IoT integration.

The unrelenting drive to boost productivity and reduce production time contributes towards maximum sustainable performance with minimal wastage of materials and energy.

Renewable energy is used extensively in Sany’s manufacturing process, and it has gone even further by expanding to new energy production with Sany Renewable Energy – an important business division of Sany that specialises in the research, manufacturing and sales of wind turbines and the design, construction and management of wind farms and photovoltaic power stations.

In addition to the initiatives already outlined, Sany is leading the electrification revolution on a number of fronts.

Key amongst them is the development and sales of Sany electric cranes, where more than 1000 sets were sold in 2022, representing a market share of nearly 90% in China.

Sany has also sold more than 1300 sets of electric mixers in the same year, winning half of the market share, while Sany electric heavy trucks achieved their highest sales in their respective categories.

More recently, Sany opened its New Energy Engineering Vehicle Testing Centre in China to house an array of specialised testing equipment focusing on technologies including motors, batteries, electronic control (HIL), hybrids, hydrogen fuel, battery cells and electric drive axles.


Widen Australia’s Sustainable Options

In Australia, Tutt Bryant is working with Sany and other partners to reduce their carbon footprint and widen the sustainable options available to customers through their Beyond Zero program.

Besides battery electric equipment. Tutt Bryant is also investing new fuel options such as renewable diesel, ethanol and hydrogen. A hybrid prototype has also been developed to support on-site power needs.

Simple wins such as converting to more energy efficient alternatives (an example is installing workshop LED lighting) and solar PV on suitable Tutt Bryant facilities have already been implemented.

A continued program of waste minimalisation and recycling is another important aspect of Tutt Bryant’s commitment to lowering its carbon footprint.


The expectations of the community are clear, and one just has to look at the enthusiastic uptake on electric cars by everyday Australians in recent years to realise that the transition to a decarbonised society is well and truly underway.


Through the plethora of alternative technologies however, it is understood that industry requires practical solutions that can be meaningfully implement in a cost-effective manner. This is particularly so given the relative lack of government support when compared to other jurisdiction.

The cost hurdle is diminishing by the day with technology and production advances, which in the case of the Sany SCE800TB-EV is based on proven technology from the world’s largest battery maker, CATL, utilising its LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery that is cobalt-free.

In addition to the fuel savings, a fully battery-powered electric crane offers significant benefits on worksites in being free of emissions and generating very little noise. All these can be achieved with no loss of productivity when compared to a traditional crane operating on diesel.


Sany Power Packs 

Sany will also be introducing its proprietary power packs to enhance and supplement the user experience with the SCE800TB-EV crane. These power packs will allow charging from variety of sources while the crane is working, to then deliver rapid charging to the crane when required.

The market reception to the SCE800TB-EV is expected to be positive, especially within metro areas where charging infrastructure is more prevalent, and principal contractors are better able to design their worksites to accommodate battery electric equipment.

The Sany SCE800TB-EV is a telescopic crawler crane that is designed to work predominantly on worksites with minimal travel. It will comfortably operate for a full day on a single charge.

The challenge for a fully battery-powered all terrain crane is the need to travel to worksites over long and short distances. A significant portion of the battery charge will therefore need to be expended for road travel, especially given the extra weight of the battery.

Going to multiple locations also presents the difficulty of finding the necessary charging infrastructure when required. Depending on the distances travelled, it is unlikely that a fully battery-powered all terrain crane will be able to travel and operate for a full day before returning to its depot for charging.

By planning and installing the charging infrastructure on a worksite, the on-site use of the SCE800TB-EV will be a lot more practical and useful. This can be supplemented by the use of power packs to further minimise the charge time of the crane.

The enforcement of lower emissions in construction equipment by governments – federal and state – will assist and promote the rollout of battery electric and other new energy powered equipment. Such policies will ascribe a higher value on equipment that is more efficient and cleaner than traditional diesel-fueled machines. The effect is to ultimately sway the cost-benefit analysis towards low and zero carbon alternatives.


SOURCE: Cranes and Lifting Magazine


For more information about Sany SCE800TB-EV contact:

Philip Chadwick 
National Crane BDM Southern Region – VIC/TAS/SA
0457 510 097


Peter Lawgall
National Crane BDM – NSW/QLD/NT/ACT
0411 256 388


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